Juices, soft drinks, smoothies: integrated refrigeration

In terms of cooling, trend drinks provide us with new challenges:

  • Additional refrigeration consumers (blowing machines, pasteurizers, tunnel coolers,
  • New ingredients, bottle materials and
  • The most diverse drink product line

require manifold cooling processes.


Connect components - save costs

Integrated HANSA cooling systems are economical: they

  • are individually designed and optimized,
  • flexibly take into account all refrigeration requirements,
  • ensure the highest quality of raw material and product.

The HANSA refrigeration system is quickly amortisised by the energy saved and the considerably lower running costs. Easy operation, high reliability and the use of ammonia as the refrigerant makes it an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe solution.

Trust in Hansa cooling solutions. Combining first class components, economy, safety and service.

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